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Jonathan Jackson was TVLine’s performance of the week for his performance on ‘Nashville’. “The effect was electric…”

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THE PERFORMER | Jonathan Jackson

THE SHOW | Nashville

THE EPISODE | “Can’t Help But WonderWhere I’m Bound
(Feb. 15, 2018)

THE PERFORMANCE | Look, we’ve never been married/not married/whatever to an insanely popular yet highly capricious music star with a traumatic past and a rough edge. But Jackson is so damn good at playing the continually beleaguered Mr. Juliette Barnes — particularly in this week’s episode — that we know exactly how it feels to always get let down by someone you love so much.

Throughout the hour, Jackson built Avery’s simmering worry/annoyance over Juliette’s absence into a steady boil that peaked when he arrived in Bolivia to take her home. Jackson isn’t a showy actor, but he’s a very smart one; the subtle choices he made as Avery went from being relieved over Juliette’s safety to confused and irked by her unwillingness to leave the facility made the outlandish situation believable.

“What about Cadence?” Avery fired back at the love of his life, Jackson filling the line with a hurt fury as the topic of Juliette’s young daughter was discussed. The more calmly and evenly Juliette supplied answers, the more unhinged Jackson allowed his normally low-key character to become. The effect was electric. You could almost see the exact moment that Avery realized he’d lost the fight; Jackson’s eyes filled with tears, and after a frantic, last-ditch effort to change Juliette’s mind, he had Avery walk out of the room in stunned silence.

It’s no surprise that The Artist Formerly Known as General Hospital‘s Lucky Spencer can tear our hearts out. But the fact that he does it so well, so often, after so many years is something we felt deserves celebrating.

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