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Book Of Solace And Madness - Jonathan Jackson



J.S. Jackson


Mystical Poetry by J.S. Jackson

Taking the abilities J.S. Jackson has carefully crafted as a lyricist, this book of Mystical Poetry explores deep, emotional, and personal themes.


Excerpt from ‘Book of Solace and Madness’:

“I came from the womb of a shining poet, and the loins of a musical physician. I was brought up on visions of grace, and songs of mercy. Argument was fed to me for bread, and thought, for milk and honey. Preciousness, was hummed over my bed of waking dreams. And awareness was planted, in the soil of my heart. Beneath fabled skies, conviction caressed my senses in mystical awe, like the softness of a mother’s hand. Lion’s eyes were fixed into my scull, and the teeth of wolves were placed into my gums. I was given an eagle for a brother and a mare for a sister. Both guided me, through tunnels and streams of joy and bliss, bearing the burden of transient creatures. I missed you most, during the night. Lying on peddles of violet fascination, tears of Eden would swell to overflowing—as we rehearsed our coming death, through the discipline of sleep.

O Author of Beauty, you would visit me, with visions from within, of beating drums and tolling bells. And visions from without, of living effigies, wrapped in cloaks of flesh, plucking nylon strings, of blood and laughter.

Death, stands before me every hour, glimmering life into reflection. I welcome its shadow. For I need this wound, to separate the day from the night.”